Posted by: marcelvotlucka | 7 October, 2009

New Article at STR!

After a bit of a hiatus (i.e. work has been keeping me very busy lately), I finally have a new column on Strike the Root.  Read it here and in the “Columns” section of this blog.

The undergraduate degree is a way to weed out the cultured workers from the low-brow; the affluent from the less-affluent; the pacified from the rough-around-the-edges; the best and brightest from the dumb sheep; the ones who ‘get their hands dirty’ with practical skills from those fully indoctrinated in squeaky-clean trivia (which is what most white-collar work is, anyway); the upper and middle classes from the lower classes.  In short, its function is to help lock out the undesirable proles from the Inner Circle.


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