Posted by: marcelvotlucka | 12 July, 2011

Award-winning column at STR!

It’s been a while since I last updated the site, so I wanted to share a column that I wrote for Strike the Root back in February.

Be sure to check out “A Silver Lining Shines Within the Odious Debt” — co-winner (with Mark Davis) of the 2011 Strike the Root “Odious Debt” essay contest!


  1. Very interesting post, I found it rewarding and very informational. By the way, I once knew a Marcel H. Votlucka, while attending “Boot Camp” in the Navy, any relationship ?

    I was in Company 74-004, Commenced Training on January 15, 1974, and Completed Training on March 8, 1974. Company Commander of Co. 004, was EMC S.D. Holloway. My picture is on Page 70 of the Year Book, my name is J.X. Rentas, Jr., known these days by “Benz”.

    Keep up with the great writings, looking forward to more.

    Good Luck … Benz !

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